Sunday, March 11, 2012

British and Barbarians

Which isn't to say the British are barbarous. Well, I guess at one point they were right? But not any more.

Anyway, it has been very long since I've posted. Things have been crazy for me and I've been doing my best to navigate some difficult time and have only been able to squeeze in a little painting and even then some of it's not been very good. My emotional state has affected my abilities it seems. That aside, I did successfully get a couple things done.

Flames of War is a pretty popular game and I've fought off the bug for a long time. But with the release of 3rd edition and the chance to score a free rule book they had me. Looking through all the options I decided to go with...

...British 8th army in North Africa! I'm working on a 600 point force and decided to build a rifle company. This is the first platoon and in all there will be three of these plus a two base command. 15mm is pretty easy to paint an these should have gotten done a lot quicker. I'm looking forward to giving the game a good honest try and after I finish my rifle company i'm going to get some Germans and build something for them. I never seem to be able to find opponents for historicals in my club so i'll just make two armies!

On other fronts I finished a figure for a friend of mine. He requested it for his son, one of his first RPG miniatures.

It was originally mounted on a rock like base, but they didn't like it and wanted it off there. That was no small feat let me tell you! I had to cut it off using a power saw and the damn thing kept getting so hot it wanted to melt, I had to dip it in water over and over to keep it cool.

Well, I hope to have some vikings ready soon, and a couple of Trollblood pieces, we'll see how long that takes huh?

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