Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Trolls and Tanks... (that sounds like a game)

EDIT: in the body below I list the tank as being part of the 4th company, but I was wrong. A kind fellow on the TMP boards pointed out that I was wrong so really the tank is 3rd company, and the others are 2nd company.

Another mix of finished models. We have a warmahordes slow build league taking place without about four of our club members and I am building Trollbloods...I've said all that before I know, but it bears (bares??) repeating for anyone who doesn't know or who has a memory like mine...

...what was I saying?

ANYWAY!... here we go.
Grissel Bloodsong
Two new pieces both with wonderful singing voices... for a Trollkin I would imagine. Both are fellcallers is what what I am trying to say, although Grissel is also a warlock which makes her twice as dangerous. I've not gotten to play my Trollbloods much so far but I'm hoping the fellcaller really boosts their combat ability and while I'll probably keep using Madrak for now, when I get more infantry Grissel is going to come into her own.

My new toy for my Ultramarines. Erik plays chaos space marines and loves rhinos, predators, and obliterators so I needed some firepower to back up my infantry. I have the vindicator but that is both notoriously short ranged and really only packs a single strong offensive weapon. A predator with some sponsons though is a different beasts. Fair front armor and the ability to throw out some good armor piercing laser firepower and a multi-shot autocannon for light vehicles and infantry will boost my power on the battlefield. The number on the side and the red (sanguine) armor details on the manning the storm bolter indicates this is a unit from the 4th company. This puts four companies in my army so far; 1st company (terminators), 3rd company (my tactical squad and captain), 4th company (attack bike and predator), and 10th company (scouts). My vindicator has no company markings so I may put some on it, but i'm not worried either way.

You'll note the name scroll is blank, I don't have a name for it yet. I figured it would be a cool opportunity for anyone that reads this blog to give me a name to use. This is what I'm going to do. For the next two weeks I'm going to take suggestions in the comments box below, anything at all, and then I'll put them up as a pole and let a vote take place. The name that gets the most votes gets the honor of naming my new predator. So, lets have fun but avoid things like "Penis Brick" or "Magic Finger"...m'kay?


  1. I guess there isn't enough space for
    "Die All Who Oppose the Might of The God Emperor of Mankind" so how about something beginning with "V" since it is a Vindicator?

    "Vapouriser" or "Vaporiser" as you'll spell it across the pond?

    1. I'll put you down for "Vaporizer" since that's how spell check fixed it lol!

  2. That tank looks professionally done brother, kudos!

  3. Thanks LK, now I just need to sell it for 500,000,000 dollars! lolololol!

  4. Odin's balls has a great ring to it...

    1. Odin's? LOL! Odin's Blue Balls? LOL!

  5. Blue Balls Of Fire maybe...

  6. Ultramar's Fist
    Ultra Lord

    1. All of those are good, but I think my favorite is "Indomitable", it has a good solid ring to it.

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks Captain! High praise indeed!

      I'm all bashful now.