Friday, May 25, 2012

Origins and Undead

The time of year is upon us again, in around five days I'll be role playing as the captain of the guard for the city of Origins. I'm looking forward to the event again, looking forward to the people, and most of all looking forward to being part of the machinery. It is a my special taste to see the convention setting up from the inside. Watching the exhibitors coming in and beholding the equivalent of an empty stone room transformed into a wonderland filled with geeks. If you're coming, pay me a visit. Just head to the north entrance of the exhibit hall and ask for me at the security volunteers HQ.

That aside, I like to keep pretty pictures on my blog when possible. So I ripped this out of the Warhammer Fantasy Battles 3rd edition rule book...
 ...just a delicious old school model from Citadel. This was sold as a box set if I remember right and I'd love to have it.

Well, that's all for now. I'll try to blog during the show but no promises. Hope to see some of you there!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Now THAT is a Chaos Army




Okay, so, I am becoming slightly hooked on the Warhammer Fantasy 3rd edition rules, which came out around 1991. This edition of the game has a solid following and from my readings about it one of the key pieces of literature is the Warhammer Armies book. I found "copies" of the rule book and both of the chaos books but ended up having to purchase a hard copy of the Warhammer Armies supplement from someone off ebay in South Africa.

When it got to me it was pretty beat up, which I knew when purchasing, but it was complete which is what I really wanted. Reading it a few days later it literally fell apart in my hands. Not a big deal, I just finished pulling out the pages and put them into plastic and a notebook. But while reading through it there are about four players shown with their armies, and one stuck out soooo much to me I had to put it up here.

Now that is one stylish guy.
I love the banners, they have so much more character than the ones today.
This is just a great showing of a classic Warhammer army in my humble opinion. Seeing how they build their forces and looking over the points cost and the multi-basing of figures is just grand. It's really inspired me to do some stuff with my Bretonnians, probably starting with the mass of men-at-arms I have. I am hoping to multi-base them up and build two huge blocks of low cost infantry to soak the worst of my enemy's assaults.

Enjoy the scans, I may pull more out of the book and if you have any specific requests please put it in the comments below and I'll see what I can do :)

As an aside, it's looking like "Blue Thunder" is going to be the name for my Ultramarines Predator... that's what I get for letting the internet name my tank. Geesh!

Also, got to play Warmachine Mk2 with Gorten Grundback last night, how disappointing, he sucks in these new rules so far :(

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tank and Troll...Ironic I Know!

Mkay, so, I've finally got the time to make a blog post and with that the time to go through all the names suggested for this tank. There is now a poll up, and when it's done it's done. That is the name it shall have! So vote with great wisdom  you are selecting the name of a mighty battle tank worthy of a mighty name!

That aside another blogger that I cannot recall right now and even with very thorough searching of the list of past blog entries is not helping me to recall (deep breath) posted his first even miniature. I dug mine out (he said I had to and he's tougher than me so that was that) and here it is... official Ral Partha Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Troll with the TSR logo on the bottom and all, painted in official Ral Partha paints! This was my first foray when I was around 13 or 14. I got this guy and a handful of other figures, a boxed dragon, and a passel of paints and brushes for Christmas that year. I couldn't get the dragon together to save my life and although I did paint some of the others I'm not sure where they are now. I think he's not bad for my first try, and having nothing to go off from but my best guess.  I had no friends who were painting miniatures and I had no exposure to miniature war games. I lived in the boondocks of Ohio, I'm probably pretty luck I had an f'ing Troll at all, LOL!

Well there he is in all his yellow eyed glory, I've not updated the paint at all and I think it's held up pretty good for 20 plus years. Those Ral Partha paints were something huh?

Don't forget to vote, and till next  time may the dice favor you!