Sunday, May 20, 2012

Now THAT is a Chaos Army




Okay, so, I am becoming slightly hooked on the Warhammer Fantasy 3rd edition rules, which came out around 1991. This edition of the game has a solid following and from my readings about it one of the key pieces of literature is the Warhammer Armies book. I found "copies" of the rule book and both of the chaos books but ended up having to purchase a hard copy of the Warhammer Armies supplement from someone off ebay in South Africa.

When it got to me it was pretty beat up, which I knew when purchasing, but it was complete which is what I really wanted. Reading it a few days later it literally fell apart in my hands. Not a big deal, I just finished pulling out the pages and put them into plastic and a notebook. But while reading through it there are about four players shown with their armies, and one stuck out soooo much to me I had to put it up here.

Now that is one stylish guy.
I love the banners, they have so much more character than the ones today.
This is just a great showing of a classic Warhammer army in my humble opinion. Seeing how they build their forces and looking over the points cost and the multi-basing of figures is just grand. It's really inspired me to do some stuff with my Bretonnians, probably starting with the mass of men-at-arms I have. I am hoping to multi-base them up and build two huge blocks of low cost infantry to soak the worst of my enemy's assaults.

Enjoy the scans, I may pull more out of the book and if you have any specific requests please put it in the comments below and I'll see what I can do :)

As an aside, it's looking like "Blue Thunder" is going to be the name for my Ultramarines Predator... that's what I get for letting the internet name my tank. Geesh!

Also, got to play Warmachine Mk2 with Gorten Grundback last night, how disappointing, he sucks in these new rules so far :(

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  1. Brother is rocking that chaos hair. I hope he got disqualified from tourneys because of it.