Monday, June 25, 2012

Dwarfs and a Cavalryman

So the game with Ron went well, a win for me, but to be fair Ron is very new to his Dark Eldar and he didn't use a TON of rules which put him at a disadvantage. I'll do a post on that soon.

I haven't gotten much painting done in the past month plus, mostly because I have been so busy. Well things seem to be calming down and I was able to get to my work table this past weekend and finish up a few units.

Dwarf Hammerers

Dwarf Ironbreaker
More of my friend's dwarfs. This is an ongoing machine; he brings me partially completed units to be finished and based and along with these he bears tasty morsels of used figures to trade. Finishing these two units scored me 11 metal flayed ones for my Necron army. Since I have Imotehk that seemed like a really good unit to get. As with the other dwarf units you will find on this blog these were already "mostly" done and I finished those that weren't and did many shields although some had there originals with them. When I finish these units I really am trying to give him a completed unit with a unifying color if possible. Sometimes that comes off better than others. I can say I do not relish facing either of these in battle, both are tough as nails.

On a personal paint note I added Stannis Brocker to my mercenary forces. He is the only cavalry I have for Warmachine or Hordes... and at 60 dollars for a box of three he may be the only I ever have. I got him in a trade and did a battlefield paint job so that he could ride into battle. 

Allow me to get on a soap box. There is a constant mistreatment of Games Workshop for their prices. Some of these are too high, sure, but many if not most really are good prices for a quality model. You can compare them to many model manufacturers and find them to be fairly competitive. People don't like their business tactics and I'm not arguing for or against those, i'm just saying, 25 dollars for 10 plastic models isn't bad considering they are generally nice models. Sure, you can find cheaper, but you can also find a lot more expensive very easily. 

ANYWAY! Screw PP, I am so not dropping 60 bucks on 3 cavalry. That is even more expensive than the GW Blood Knights I think!

Well, soon i'll post the batrep with Ron, until then I hope your dice roll well :)

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  1. Dream on with the pricing comparison to PP, fanboy!