Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Origins and Wil Wheaton

So I didn't blog from Origins, I never do, this is mostly because I spend 70% of the time working, 15% of the time trying to play games, and 15% of the time sleeping.

Well it was more like 85%, 5%, 10% this time. We were short of volunteers, that will happen. I did get to play three games though, THREE! I got to play the game Nickcropolis with my sons. Matthew bought it after demoing it with the creator. He bought the copy they demo'd and the guy signed it for him, which was pretty cool.

I also got to play a game called "We Did Not Play Test This At All."...which is aptly named. It is a fun card game and when you are sleep deprived it was insanely funny.

And finally I got to play the new Big Bang Theory from Cryptozoic, but with a bit of a surprise.
The table at the back, you know the one behind Felicia Day, is where Big Bang Theory was taking place.
...and there I am (in volunteer blue) to the left of Wil Wheaton playing it.
 The staff of GAMA arranged a surprise game for a handful of volunteers and I was in that handful. We had no idea what we were getting into, honestly, they told us we were going to be moving boxes and when instead we were brought into a room to play it was pretty sweet. He was a good guy to play with, very funny, really tried to engage us. When the game was over James had won and Wil had come in second, so he autographed James' game declaring emphatically that he was the rightful winner. He then asked all of us to autograph his game which I thought was pretty cool. I don't know if he'd keep it or not, but I do know it was a classy move and put him in pretty high opinion in my books.

But I have to be honest, over all, the best game I played was with my sons. It was the first convention they worked  and it was really nice to sit up in the hotel room and play with them. Something I've dreamed about for 13 years in all honesty.

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  1. That was pretty good of him - I hope he does keep it