Friday, June 8, 2012

Prometheus a Personal Review

So last night I attended a midnight premier of Prometheus with my oldest friend Grady. I have been pretty excited about this film for a long time but have purposefully not done any digging to let it be presented to me with as little previous exposure as possible. I don't have cable, or a receiver box, so that means no broadcast television gets into my home. This should mean I saw the film in its best presentation, and I have to say over all I'm impressed.

I have a vague interest in the whole ancient alien thing. I'm fairly strong in my beliefs so to me it's more of a wild science fiction interest and it seems Ridley Scott shares that interest.

I'm not going to go over the film here, go see it, it is very good and well worth watching although I could have done without the 3D. I'd probably like that better if it wasn't for the fact I already WEAR glasses so putting those on over my own is really annoying.

Anyway, I do want to say something about the film. As mentioned Scott obviously dug the ancient alien thing because he blatantly placed the Anunnaki into the film and called them Engineers (very tongue in cheek imho). But they were an angry bunch it seemed as the ending of the film showed, but also they seemed to have a strange view of death as the beginning of the film showed. Also, it seems pretty clear to me Scott gave full credit to the Engineers for the creation of man and if you were struggling with the implication he has a scientist blatantly match the DNA to 100%.

The film is not a prequel, thank goodness, it is more like...well... like a film noir almost. We see the events that laid the ground work for the cosmic cluster that was the events of Alien. There is really no direct link between the too, its more like first we saw someone wander into a crime scene they didn't know was a crime scene in Alien. Then in Prometheus we see the crime happen.

I think a lot of the criticisms of the film for the most part are pretty weak. Some are knocking the use of CGI but I think that is merely an aspect of our days. I'm sure models were knocked in their day, and elaborate sets so that is really neither here nor there. Also the technological differences between the Nostromo and the Prometheus but that can be explained away in a lot of ways and to be honest I saw enough "Alien" style technology represented to give the impression of just quality by cost differences. This is sci-fi after all, and at some point you just gotta go with the flow. They are telling a story, not giving a historical account of the future.

That being said, I did have a gripe. I know I know hippo-critical after defending the film so much BUT it just jumped out at me and it just seemed so ludicrous they made this mistake I have to say it.

How did the one left alive Engineer get...
..from here on the floor in the life pod..
..back into his chair shown here at the beginning of Alien (with a huge hole in his chest)
...this seems like a brutally large continuity error to me. If you've seen the film you'll get me why if not go see the film then you'll get why. It's clearly the same ship, and clearly the only left alive Engineer, and if you've seen the film this is clearly the Engineer the xenomorph comes from. But he gets out of this chair after busting up his ship and stalks Shaw to the life pod where he meets his death and doesn't make it back to the pilot seat.

I'm not a perfectionist, believe me or just look back at my vikings from a few posts ago, but this really seemed a dumb mistake to make. There are dozens of ways to rectify it without messing with the story and it seems almost amateurish to miss this. I know that is so ivory tower of me, but come on the "space jockey" scene from Alien is iconic and to forget to put it back into place is like stepping on a D4 you see... it was just dumb.

That small complaint aside it is a fantastic film filled with atmosphere and given a pace that isn't fast or isn't slow, just a pace. I could go on and on, but the bottom line is I'd save it's a three and a half star movie (of four) and if you like sci-fi  you should go see it no matter what.