Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WAAAGH! on Friday Night

My buddy Grady is apparently brokering fights for people now. I got a call last night and he set me up for a Friday night fight with my other buddy Ron. He even encouraged me to use the only 40k army I have I've never orks!

So here is the list I'm gonna go with:

-warboss with twin-linked shoota, power klaw, 'eavy armor, cybork body, and bosspole
-10 nobz with sluggas, choppas, and stikkbombz riding in a trukk
-two mobs of 15 slugga/choppas boyz with nobz
-a mob of almost 30 shoota boyz with nob
-two squads of 8 deffkoptas
-a small band of 3 warbikes with a nob
-10 tankbustas with a couple bomb squigs and a nob

Basically its a fast and foot slogging list. I'll probably deploy the four infantry units in the center using the large shoota boyz mob to soak the majority of the fire so the sluggas can get into charge range. The tankbustas will   deploy where needed to hunt Ron's raiders. My trukk with warboss and nobz will be screened by the warbikes and they will rush up one flank supported by the deffkoptas squads. I'll try to rush either the objectives or around his flank to start the killy!

Pretty simple plan, yeah, but hey it's orks. I'm hoping to post a battle report with pictures after friday.d

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