Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Grey Knights and Wizards

Okay, some more 25mm fantasy for you from my friend Adrian's collection and my first squad of Grey Knights. Let us start with some wizards, shall we?
Red Wizard
Green Wizard
Blue Wizard
So these are three wizards from this set...

...you can see them at D, F, and I and I wish I had the others so I could paint them. These were the oldest figures I've ever painted and the sharp lack of detail and "extras" both made them fun and terrifying! I think they came out okay though. I always considered the older wizards to be garbed in only a single color robe, very tolkienesque I imagine, and  that's what I went for. Two of them had 'magic symbols' on their hats and it seemed to me they would be made of metals that would focus their wizardry.

But I don't think they would have gotten along with these guys well...
"Suffer not the heretic!"
That is one clean loin-cloth.
 So Grady and I are into our tale of two gamers and this was the first part, a single troop choice. For Grey Knights that translates into a strike squad or a terminator squad. Since I got four boxes of terminators that means a squad of terminators. While I could have made the squad a full ten men not only did that seem a little daunting for an army I've never painted before it also seemed a little "beardy" since I knew he was doing a six model mega-nob unit.

I chose to go with a brotherhood banner just to challenge myself and the psycannon was a no brainer, 4 rending shots is awesome. As is appropriate they all have their own name and each is written on their right shoulder guard but the gold I use is so dark you can't really read it so I need to fix that. On the banner is written "Indomus" which I guess would be the brotherhood's name, a good name. Very strong sounding... right?

Well for next month we agreed to a second troop choice and a single HQ which will bring us to the basic starter army. I'm thinking Lord Kaldor Draigo and a second terminator squad, this one bent towards close assault; halberds, falchions, and definitely an incinerator.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Some 25mm Fantasy

I am working through a box set for my friend, well, most of a box set plus some others from both Reaper, some old Grendel, and Ral Partha.
Iron Fist, Male Monk from Reaper
Tristan's cloak
Okay, so, not the best pictures but that is as usual because my camera isn't the best possible, and, I took a picture of Tristan's cloak because I think I did a pretty good job on what is normally a pretty plain cloak. I've got another 15 to 20 to do for him so they will be appearing off and on here till I get them all done.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Snap Fire

I have some models to put up here, classic Ral Partha fantasy guys but I haven't gotten to take a picture yet. More importantly though I want to say something about the 6th edition rules for Warhammer 40,000.
So far as I read through the impressive rule book I like them. There have been some "major" changes, some "minor" changes, and some interesting changes. You'll note the apostrophes because in general I think the idea of major and minor kinda being a personal thing. For example the new assault rules has the assaulting unit move 2d6" (in general) instead of just a 6" distance. I personally see this is kinda minor as you're still averaging out an inch in advantage. Others feel the possibility of blowing a 4" assault as a big change. Meh.

What I do feel is a fairly big change is the snap fire rule. Basically no more of prohibiting fire of weaponry due to movement considerations coupled with the (in context) realness of shooting into an assaulting foe. It doesn't make it so that you're devastator squad can run around like Muppets blasting everything they see but it does enable the cinematic run into the open field and hauling one's missile launcher to their shoulder for a quick shot on the enemy armor.

I'm looking forward to playing the new rules and when I do I will try to post a batrep..HONEST!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Grey Knights

So my friend Grady and I are participating in a "Tale of Four Gamers" style league-thingy. But there are only two of us, maybe three if Greg really does throw in his lot. We are also pursuing a different course. Both of us have all kinds of projects we are working on so we didn't want to divert all of our attention from those to this new one, after all my Bretonnians NEED to get painted.

He's doing Orks, mostly because he is always doing Orks, oh and I forgot to mention we are ding 40k instead of fantasy or LOTR. I'm doing Grey Knights because I just obtained some and it seemed like a good idea to do something I've never painted at all.

As a good starting point we decided we would each do a single troop choice and build from there rather than a whole battle force.

I'm starting with a squad of terminators, 5 only, and they are going to be wielding their nemesis force swords, one will have a brotherhood banner just because I like banners, and another will have a psycannon because it is just stupid good on terminators.

I've already completed 1 model, kinda  a test model, and something is wrong but I can't put my finger on what is wrong.

Grady is starting with a squad of mega armored nobz. While they are technically an elite choice he will be fielding a warboss ultimately so that will make them a troop choice.

We both started with small units, and since I've got 20 terminators to work with mine will likely remain small, he on the other hand has work ahead of him.

We've planned out the rest of the year.

August: troop choice and HQ

September: elite choice

October: fast attack choice

November: heavy support choice

December: this one is kind of up in the air. I want to do an ally detachment which is an HQ and a single troop choice according to the new book, and I want that we get the allied detachment for EACH OTHER. So if Greg, Grady, and myself are in it still by then, I'd get Grady's, he'd get Greg's and Greg would get mine... or something like that. They are kinda freaked out saying they don't like the idea of someone choosing for them but I can't help but see the fun in that.

I'll try to edit this post tonight with a picture of my finished knight and the others WIP... I so need to do that more. : /

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Strike Force Zealot

If you look up, no, the top of the page not at the ceiling.

Anyway, if you look at the top of the page you'll see the "Ultramarines Plan" page has been replaced with "Strike Force Zealot" page which outlines my 1,500 (-ish) Ultramarines army.

I had a really cool picture with my chaplain standing amid daisies, but its at home so I'll update that later.

+++and here's the update:
Adonis takes rest on the flower world of Arbed IX

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ultramarines 3rd Company Assembly

Well, years ago as some of you may know I had an Ultramarines army. It was a 3rd edition army and I really liked that army. I sold it, like an idiot, and always regretted it.

Now, i've come full circle. I re-entered 40k with the intentions of building an Ultramarines army again. After after much distraction from Necrons (which are sitting at over 2,000 points now) I've got the 1,500 point Ultramarine army done as of about 30 seconds ago and I had to take a picture to put up.
Not the best picture, but worry not I'll take some others and put them up here soon. I've been pretty busy so hopefully I can get those up tomorrow, but if not then sometime next week at the latest. It is a very different army build then what I originally planned and it was built out of unexpected trade acquisitions. This is a very fast army and I'm not sure if that is going to be a good thing or a bad thing.

Until more pictures here's the army composition

chaplain in terminator armor
tactical squad with rhino transport
scout squad
terminator squad
bike squad (including an attack bike)
dreadnought with drop pod

...it comes to 1,515 points, which for friendly play is fine but i'll probably usually leave out the missile launcher marine so I can tuck the captain into the rhino with the tactical squad.

My basic strategy is to let the scout squad hold the home base and send the rest of the army as an assault force. The terminators and dreadnought will drop on the enemy in support, or at my home base to back up that objective there.