Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Grey Knights and Wizards

Okay, some more 25mm fantasy for you from my friend Adrian's collection and my first squad of Grey Knights. Let us start with some wizards, shall we?
Red Wizard
Green Wizard
Blue Wizard
So these are three wizards from this set...

...you can see them at D, F, and I and I wish I had the others so I could paint them. These were the oldest figures I've ever painted and the sharp lack of detail and "extras" both made them fun and terrifying! I think they came out okay though. I always considered the older wizards to be garbed in only a single color robe, very tolkienesque I imagine, and  that's what I went for. Two of them had 'magic symbols' on their hats and it seemed to me they would be made of metals that would focus their wizardry.

But I don't think they would have gotten along with these guys well...
"Suffer not the heretic!"
That is one clean loin-cloth.
 So Grady and I are into our tale of two gamers and this was the first part, a single troop choice. For Grey Knights that translates into a strike squad or a terminator squad. Since I got four boxes of terminators that means a squad of terminators. While I could have made the squad a full ten men not only did that seem a little daunting for an army I've never painted before it also seemed a little "beardy" since I knew he was doing a six model mega-nob unit.

I chose to go with a brotherhood banner just to challenge myself and the psycannon was a no brainer, 4 rending shots is awesome. As is appropriate they all have their own name and each is written on their right shoulder guard but the gold I use is so dark you can't really read it so I need to fix that. On the banner is written "Indomus" which I guess would be the brotherhood's name, a good name. Very strong sounding... right?

Well for next month we agreed to a second troop choice and a single HQ which will bring us to the basic starter army. I'm thinking Lord Kaldor Draigo and a second terminator squad, this one bent towards close assault; halberds, falchions, and definitely an incinerator.

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