Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Grey Knights

So my friend Grady and I are participating in a "Tale of Four Gamers" style league-thingy. But there are only two of us, maybe three if Greg really does throw in his lot. We are also pursuing a different course. Both of us have all kinds of projects we are working on so we didn't want to divert all of our attention from those to this new one, after all my Bretonnians NEED to get painted.

He's doing Orks, mostly because he is always doing Orks, oh and I forgot to mention we are ding 40k instead of fantasy or LOTR. I'm doing Grey Knights because I just obtained some and it seemed like a good idea to do something I've never painted at all.

As a good starting point we decided we would each do a single troop choice and build from there rather than a whole battle force.

I'm starting with a squad of terminators, 5 only, and they are going to be wielding their nemesis force swords, one will have a brotherhood banner just because I like banners, and another will have a psycannon because it is just stupid good on terminators.

I've already completed 1 model, kinda  a test model, and something is wrong but I can't put my finger on what is wrong.

Grady is starting with a squad of mega armored nobz. While they are technically an elite choice he will be fielding a warboss ultimately so that will make them a troop choice.

We both started with small units, and since I've got 20 terminators to work with mine will likely remain small, he on the other hand has work ahead of him.

We've planned out the rest of the year.

August: troop choice and HQ

September: elite choice

October: fast attack choice

November: heavy support choice

December: this one is kind of up in the air. I want to do an ally detachment which is an HQ and a single troop choice according to the new book, and I want that we get the allied detachment for EACH OTHER. So if Greg, Grady, and myself are in it still by then, I'd get Grady's, he'd get Greg's and Greg would get mine... or something like that. They are kinda freaked out saying they don't like the idea of someone choosing for them but I can't help but see the fun in that.

I'll try to edit this post tonight with a picture of my finished knight and the others WIP... I so need to do that more. : /

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