Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ultramarines 3rd Company Assembly

Well, years ago as some of you may know I had an Ultramarines army. It was a 3rd edition army and I really liked that army. I sold it, like an idiot, and always regretted it.

Now, i've come full circle. I re-entered 40k with the intentions of building an Ultramarines army again. After after much distraction from Necrons (which are sitting at over 2,000 points now) I've got the 1,500 point Ultramarine army done as of about 30 seconds ago and I had to take a picture to put up.
Not the best picture, but worry not I'll take some others and put them up here soon. I've been pretty busy so hopefully I can get those up tomorrow, but if not then sometime next week at the latest. It is a very different army build then what I originally planned and it was built out of unexpected trade acquisitions. This is a very fast army and I'm not sure if that is going to be a good thing or a bad thing.

Until more pictures here's the army composition

chaplain in terminator armor
tactical squad with rhino transport
scout squad
terminator squad
bike squad (including an attack bike)
dreadnought with drop pod
vindicator comes to 1,515 points, which for friendly play is fine but i'll probably usually leave out the missile launcher marine so I can tuck the captain into the rhino with the tactical squad.

My basic strategy is to let the scout squad hold the home base and send the rest of the army as an assault force. The terminators and dreadnought will drop on the enemy in support, or at my home base to back up that objective there.

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