Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ubiquitous "not dead" post

Yeah, not dead, go figure.

Just really busy, I've been to see a D-Day reenactment at Conneaut Ohio and played in a Magic: TG draft event, had a club night, played the new 6th edition rules, and generally been running around a lot.

Soon i'll get some pictures up of the D-Day thing and I've almost got the next step in my Grey Knights army done so i'll post those too.

Until then here's a nice post from a fellow blogger with a wonderful picture of the original Dreadnought armor suit... love it!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Project Chimera

Mkay, so, I saw Rob Hawkins do this thing where he "threw" together a doom wheel in a single evening. I thought that sounded like fun and figured one day I'd give it a try... although probably not on a doom wheel honestly. Anyway a couple weekends ago on our way to Twinsburg Ohio for Twins Days festival we stopped at the fine Games Workshop store in Columbus so I could grab some paint I needed. My loving wife, always looking to spoil me, grabbed me a model off the wall she thought looked awesome and that I could use in my armies, this turned out to be the Chimera.

I was very, VERY happy.

This was the perfect opportunity and last Saturday I sat down with my new still in box Chimera, my glue, my paints and my self and thought to go from box to complete in a single day. Oddly Rob's took 12 hours... and so did mine, except I was done by 10:30 p.m.
Right at start.
A little less than an hour into it.
Primed with the new Imperial Primer Technical paint.
 I bought the new 40K paint set because it had all the colors I needed, it had a good brush, it had this Imperial Primer, and it had what I thought was 5 generic marines (which aren't they are Dark Angels with the correct shoulder pads). The technical threw me and I did some internet research and found it was basically just like the thinned down black paint I had been using. I primed the model in it and actually it's a little nicer. It coats well, kinda thin, and dries quickly. I highly suggest it for anyone who likes to brush prime over spray priming. There was a warning that it shouldn't be watered down when using, and I agree, its thin enough... anyway...
First set of base colors, i'm about 3 hours in at this point. 
 You can see a collection of all the crap i'm doing behind Chrissy there (yes, it is named Chrissy). A Tamiya Panzer II aus. f waiting to be finished. Kaldor Draigo. A squad of GK terminators, and a unit of knights errant... i'll get to them all, just gimme time!
Some dry brushing and a wash on the wings.
 If you're looking at my (incorrect) times on the pictures  you'll see that there is a big three hour gap between the two of these. That's because during this project I was getting a couple honey do projects done too and one of them basically exploded on me. Never the less I powered through!
More dry brushing and more wing work.
Nearly done here.
Closer view of the nearly done body.
And there we go, all done, hanging out on my back deck.
And finally a little better picture, closer, FIERCER!
Well, I thoroughly enjoyed that model and I look forward to fighting with it. Now i'm thinking about doing an army in a week... hmmmmmm.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Rest in the Box

I finished my friend's box of miniatures last week, like on Wednesday, and I took them to him on Saturday... in which he promptly placed two more boxes of figures into my hands.... Hmmmmm.....

Anyway, here are the last four. I think they came out quite nice. Nothing award winning but solid role playing miniatures for sure!
 I don't have the box anymore so I don't know who this is... and I'm too lazy to Google it right now. Either way I like painting with purple but I don't have much opportunity too that it wouldn't seem forced to me. Lots of gold on this guy, a color I am still struggling with. I even got some gold from citadel and it is way too bright for my taste. The best I've used so far is from PP and I don't have that color anymore!
 Dragonbait, this guy I know, because his name was so distinctive. He has one wild friggin' sword though.
 I think she is holding a little dragon of some kind... a pseudo dragon maybe. He face could be a lot more detailed but I totally forgot and no longer have it anymore.
Another I can't remember the name of BUT she has one huge sword. Nearly as tall as she is, and a solid steel shield. She must be strong. She does have big muscles after all!

Well I'm working on part two of my tale of two gamers with Grady and I am struggling this time. The primer didn't take right and I've lost some detail. I'm not one to strip unless I got no choice so I'll just have to see what comes of it.