Sunday, September 2, 2012

D-Day In Ohio

Every year they cold a D-Day reenactment at Conneaut Ohio, I've been a few times and each time it gets bigger and bigger. When I first went all the volunteers were in the same field and there was a bulldozer that tracked up the beach for the couple dozen G.I.'s to hide behind while assaulting the German's.

Now there is 2 Mustangs and a bomber that flies over head making strafing runs, the bulldozer is accompanied by a couple small tracked vehicles and a Sherman tank. Over all about 500 reenactors bring their kits and stake out huge lots of real estate to pitch their tents and show off a variety of motor cycles, trucks, Wiley's jeeps, and 2/3rd sized armor.

It's gotten huge, really really huge, and if you get the chance to go see the 45 minute plus storming of the beach then definitely do so!

Some pictures for you...

2/3rd scale German armored car.

I love the guy who is sleeping in the passenger seat :)

Again a 2/3rd scale tank hunger.

You can see the gas line running down to the propane tank so they can fire  the gun without  using up expensive blanks.

This is the beach after the battle, the problem 

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