Thursday, September 6, 2012

Grey Knights, Power Mauls, and 1 Point Models

Mkay so we got a lot to cover here today folks.

Firstly I finished the second month of my painting challenge with my friend Grady. This month, well August, was to be an HQ (a hq... ?) and a second troop choice to fill out our basic requirements. As I had a ton of terminators I went with a second unit of them and went and got Kaldor Draigo. I have never used a named character in an army before as I buy into that "this is you on the table top" stuff. But frankly, Draigo just kicks ass. I don't know too many dudes that can strap a storm bolter to their sword arm and bring the hurt. Of course being a level 2 psyker and having all those special rules does not hurt a bit... or the 4 wounds :)
Forgive the quality of my pictures today. I am struggling to get them photographed in good light with how busy I am. Anyway, here is an equally poor picture of the terminators...
To be fair they are not my best work. Frankly I really struggled with them because the primer didn't work right and I had trouble getting the paint to adhere to the model. I use Krylon black primer, and when I primed these I accidentally used Krylon flat black spray paint. Which is nearly the same but not nearly enough and it proved to be slightly resistant to the acrylics.

This gives me over 800 points I've painted and if I add in the 5-man strike squad I got from Grady a while ago then it will be almost a thousand points. I haven't got to play them yet but I'm pretty excited too.

The 40k stuff aside I would like to take a moment to discuss something Warmachine related. Almost everyone I know either plays Khador or has played Khador. I have not oddly enough, I currently play Mercenaries and I've got a starting Protectorate force. I cut my teeth on Cryx and Cygnar was something I dabbled in a few games. I can't say I'm an expert, but I can say that the War Dog is the biggest bunch of bull I've seen in a miniatures game in a while. The Butcher's over powered rules and Vlad ridiculous spells aside. A 1 point piece that gives the caster +2 Def in melee and lets them ignore free strikes and back strikes, effectively allowing them to walk away from a fight, is way under priced. I would, without solid guarantee, pay 1 point for every caster I have ever played and ever would play for just that. Throwing in tough and counter charge is just ridiculous.

Sometimes I wonder if Privateer Press even play tests.

EDIT: I forgot the Power Maul in my title. Basically I just wanted to say I'm totally hyped that the Crozius Arcanum is a power maul. It means my chaplain is hitting at strength 6 in close combat. Sure the AP is only 4 but what ever I hit harder!

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