Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Bought a Mule!

Okay so, past weekend got a few figures done and one refurbished.
Traded a horse and a bag of beans for it!
What I take from the fluff of the Mule is that it is the most utilitarian of the warjacks in a mercenary army and the model reflects this. Since I got this one in a good deal I figured it was most in character not to repaint it. I touched it up very little, reattached it to its base, and painted the base to fit the rest of my mercenaries. I'm looking forward to using him, figure that huge cannon will couple up well with my Mangler's aggressive nature :)
Two Repenters each painted differently, and only to battlefield quality. I'm looking for my style with Menoth, struggling with it a bit. But, I gotta say, these plastics are not very good. For as much as PP charges for these models I don't see the quality the metal models had.

Well I think i'm starting to get a feel for the Menoth color style I'm going to use and I've already started on Kreoss. I've got a handful of my friend's RPG miniatures done and I'll get those up in the next couple of days.


  1. I have yet to buy any of the plastic Light Jacks. These guys seem a little on the slim side. Is that because you can pose them in a more upright position?

  2. Hey Derek, you can't really pose them too much. I did not assemble these I got them in trade put together. But, I've put together other plastics from PP and the legs have a match slot system so they can really only go together one way, then you can kind of warp them into a slightly different position. I'm pretty sure the guy I got these from cut and turned the flail on the one on the left. Over all, having years of PP modeling under my belt I really am not liking their plastics too much.

    1. The only PP plastics I have bought was a Khador jack kit. I made it with a bunch (too many) magnets to have all the options, but haven't got round to painting it or anything else. I found it fine to work with in that regard, but that's only an n of 1!