Sunday, September 30, 2012

In the Great Wastelands

So I've been working through all kinds of models, mostly other peoples. : /

Just how it goes sometimes huh? But in doing other people's I finished these...
...I have no idea who the manufacturer is and they seem slightly out of scale... well their heads seem bigger than they need be except for the man reading the scroll second from the left.

Just by accident I painted an adventuring party; thief, magic-user, fighter, and bard. No cleric which is obviously a terrible choice but they will have to make do.

Also last night we had our club night and a special project. One of our members who is not very paint work oriented brought a 1,500 point space marine army and we all sat down together and painted it for him. He painted as well, but it tortured him lol!

It was pretty cool seeing an army of about 40 models (including 4 tanks and a dreadnought) go from primed to finished in about five hours.