Thursday, September 13, 2012

RPG Fantasy Figures

Well my friend Adrian provided me with more figures to paint a while ago, and I've finally started on them. Been very busy but here's the first batch...
...they are various manufacturers and I'm not sure which. The figure of the dwarf warrior on the right is an old old figure. It had almost no detail in comparison to the work sculptors produces today but it was his favorite of the many he gave me and I have to admit I am fond of it as well.

I am not sure what scale they are supposed to be, but those elves are most definitely larger than the barbarian, that is not a disparity of distance.

I really like painting a random assortment of fantasy RPG figures like this. I usually 'theme' the same batch with similar colors but it is fun to paint something different than war games figures on occasion. I've got another batch of 4 primed up already and they should start rolling pretty regularly.

Also, I'm trying to plan a project: PAINT AN ARMY IN A WEEK. Ambitious I know, but, it will be a small army and it will likely have a very simple pallet. The idea is to see if I can pull of something like that.