Monday, October 22, 2012

Knights Knights Everywhere...

...and not a dragon to eat them.

Forgive me Coleridge.

Finally finished some units. I've been busy and when I have time to paint I am usually painting on a dozen plus figures at the same time. So I get stuff done slower but when I do there is a whole bunch done at once.

If you've seen the changing tabs on the website you know I am making a concentrated effort to complete a certain number of Bretonnians before the end of the year and I am seeing this as more of a challenge than I did when I wrote that tab. Anyway, I got the Knights Errant unit done...
A disorganized charge.
Organized to impact the enemy, not a lance formation but good enough to run them over huh?
I find myself intimidated by the Bretonnian colors. There is a lot of color on them obviously and I feel a need to make sure they are bright and chivalrous to the best of my limited ability. I went with something a little different than my Knights of the Realm unit. I quartered the warhorses' coats with black on two quarters and the knight's color on the other two to show their allegiance to my lord during the war they are participating in. I've kind of gone off the assumption the lord is arming them and caring for them because they are Errants and really don't have all their own set up yet. The standard bearer is carrying the lord's standard just like with the Realm knights. Next up will be the men-at-arms and I plan to be able to go back to my 'dirty' style of painting.

Also, more knights, this time the Grey variety. I got the October tale of two gamers challenge Grady and I are doing complete: a unit of five Paladins.
Paladin's ready for war!
My Grey Knight army so far has a lot of terminators and that is a mixed bag honestly. It is great to have an army of the heaviest infantry the game can grant you armed with the most elite weaponry. But attrition is a harsh mistress and it is always a good idea to try to find a way to close with the enemy fast. My one outing with the so far was against Greg's Relictors space marines and they did terrible damage to me with only boltgun fire. Seriously my first seven losses were to boltguns even though he was targeting me with lascannons and krak missiles I weathered that fine. Once I closed with them though it was brutal.

This squad weighs in at a whopping  430 points with a wide variety of weaponry and gear. Ideally the unit is very endurable with a nathecium in it to give the unit 'feel no pain' and a warding staff for 2+ invulnerable close combat saves, but it comes at a great price. 

As a bonus I set up my finished Grey Knight army to date for a family photo...
Over 1,500 points and growing.
...quite a lot of silver there. Everything is my work except that squad on the right that is in regular power armor. Those came in a trade from Grady and I've got the models to upgrade it to a six man strike squad with a razor back. This army is a real departure for me. I typically avoid special characters and use a much greater variety of troop types. Kaldor Draigo is literally the first named character I have used in either fantasy or 40k in all my years of playing, wild huh? The army composition itself is heavy on elite infantry and specialists and really lacks the usual combined arms I try to employ, but hopefully Draigo making the Paladins a troop choice will help me with objectives.

I just took on a commission to paint an Ultramarine's army so as I get those wrapped up i'm sure  you'll see them but that also means you won't be seeing much of my usual stuff. So, see you later and good luck on the table :)


  1. I like the quartering idea on the errants. Going to steal that, I think ;)

    1. Please be my guest! I steal every good idea from fellow bloggers I can. :)

  2. Borrowing is better.

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