Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my blogging buddies. :) I know many of you don't have Thanksgiving but never the less I hope all of you have a great day any way :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Okay, so, I took a commission for a nice sized Ultramarines army and I've been painting on them for the past four weeks. Now they are done and they are going out to the fine gentleman tomorrow but I snapped a few pictures for myself before packing them up. Forgive the quality, it was in my basement with as much light as I could bring to bear.
Family Photo, smile!
The commission consisted of 3 tactical squads (2 AOBR and 1 DV), 12 terminators (10 from AOBR and 2 from DV), a bike squad of 3 (all DV), 2 dreadnoughts (AOBR), 2 captains (1 DV and 1 AOBR) and the Librarian from DV. This is a nice army, I'm jealous honestly as there are more infantry here than I have painted for my own Ultramarines! I need to get off my duff, flesh out my scout squad and add a tactical squad.

Here are a couple more pictures...
Right Flank.
Left Flank.
I am genuinely pleased with the results and I hope he is too. This is very clearly a battlefield paint job, I've done some dry brushing and did my best to make sure every pouch and grenade was painted. I've washed the metal to give it a better look. Tried to make the plasma coils "plasma-y" and give the cloaks and capes some deep recesses while keeping an eye on time. I could have camped in for months of work, but then my Ultramarine buddy wouldn't be busy killing the xenos would he? No.

Sorry I didn't take more pictures or individual unit pictures, I just didn't have the time. Day light being lost and all that. Next I'm hoping to finish some RPG figures for a friend, a techmarine I started, and some Romans. I'd like to get a new fantasy unit under way, specifically the men-at-arms for my Bretonnians! But we will see. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Working a lot...

...on a lot of things. But only one hobby project, an Ultramarine army for a gentleman who wished to retain my paint brush :) Below I've posted a poor quality cell phone picture of the finished force. I'll take more pictures tomorrow and put them up.