Friday, December 28, 2012

Ghost Ark

I've taken pictures of the Grey Knights but they didn't turn out quite right so I'm going to do them again since it is going to be a page on the blog just like the Ultramarines. I want to get to those this weekend, but we will see.

I did snap a couple quick pictures of my completed Ghost Ark for my Necrons though!
Row, row, row, row!
 The Ghost Ark was one freaking hard model to do. I usually go with fully assembling a model then painting it. To me is seems that if you cannot get there with a brush then really it's not going to be noticed. None of my models go into contests so the quicker they can fight the better I think!
Little blurry, best I could do.
This model is hard to do that with though. Maybe if it was a Dooomsday Ark it wouldn't have been so challenging but I knew I'd be frustrated in getting to the warrior passengers. I also realized I couldn't put the rest of it together, paint it all, then put the warriors in, it would have been a bear to glue them in so it wasn't worth it. Ultimately I painted it as 18 different pieces (prow, engine, 10 warriors, 6 ribs) then super glued it all together. This took a while, it shouldn't have, but between losing the prow for two weeks and then completely losing one of the ten gauss flayers I had a feeling it would never get done. But with a mighty push and the decision to forego the lost gauss flayer it came to completion amazingly enough.

I'm looking forward to fielding it although it is a very expensive transport! I'm not sure how the broad sides will work in play, but i'm sure i'll figure it out.

To keep up with the Christmas posts I'd like to share I scored and Imperial Sector from my amazingly wonderful wife. I've started it, and it is intimidating to me lol! I am afraid i'll put it together wrong and it will look dumb. I know the kit is a free form one but you know how it is, once that plastic glue is set you have what you have, nothing else to it.

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