Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fringe, Chaos, and Deadspace 2.

Unusual for me, this is a non-look-at-what-i-painted post. Let us have an agenda shall we?

  1. Fringe is over :(
  2. Warriors of Chaos models
  3. Deadspace 2 is finished
  4. Almost 400 views of my complaining
So I'm going to miss Fringe.
I loved that show from the first episode. The x-files-ish nature and the extreme weirdness they scifi'd into the whole thing was wunderbar then when they mixed in the Observers it just got so juicy I could have gotten diabetes off the sweetness. But really it was John Noble who made the show for me. Initially his portrayal as Walter Bishop was pure awesome, then when he got to do Walternate at the same time... BEST ACTOR EVAAAAAAR!

The new warriors of chaos models from GW are a mixed bag, they have cool factor, but they also have some high prices attached. The slaughterbrute is getting a lot of flak as an action figure with a heavy price (which is kinda right frankly) but it is still cool looking and definitely fills the role of army trifecta-piece (center piece, butt kicker, and proof you have spare money), and to be fair I have to say the mutalith vortex beast is friggin' awesome!
I'd love to have one just for my model collection, I don't play the army but it would look good in the case. 

I have been putting a concentrated effort into finishing Deadspace 2.
If you've not played the Deadspace games you should do so so long as you don't have night terrors and can keep calm when being assaulted by space chaos zombies. The story of the first one was great, and the second was just as good. I'm looking forward to the third. I will say towards the end there was a point where I was yelling at the game makers though my TV that if they wanted me to buy the third game the second needed to be just a little easier as the game literally (proper use of the word here) swarms you with necromorpohs and your only option is to run by them. You don't have enough resources to kill them all. The ending was great and I got to do that thing where I sit there through the entire credits letting the ending sink in. Great experience.

Also, what the hell? Usually my posts only garner a score or so views, but my "State of the Game" post from a week ago pulled in almost 400 views and two lengthy comments from excellent bloggers. If complaining and game soul searching draws interest maybe I should do it more.

That soap box can get tempting though... oh so so tempting.

Anyway, I am working on a commission for a guy in Canada right now and at the same time working through some scouts to fill out my Ultramarines scout unit. So, pictures coming soon :)

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