Thursday, January 3, 2013

Skaven Paint Update 1

Okay, everything is assembled and ready to be primed. I'm going to try to prime it either at my friend's garage or my own if it warms up enough. I'm planning a pretty easy paint scheme: brown for the fur, maybe some flesh for the bare spots, metal where metal goes, and a single unifying color, probably red (although I might go green or blue, unsure).

I've also dug through the army book and the bare points of the army will be...

Warlord (heavy armor and halbard)... 93pts
warlock engineer (warplock pistol and warlock-augmented weapon)... 68pts
clanrat spear regiment (30 with full command and poison wind mortar)... 235pts
clanrat hand weapon regiment (30 with full command and warpfire thrower) ... 225pts
rat ogre pack (2) with master moulder (shock prod)... 138pts

...this is bare bones with only what the models are holding, no magic unless it was obviously being held. That brings the army in at a tidy 759 points with room to add another unit later (maybe a doom wheel) and still room to make the warlock engineer a wizard and give the warlord some magic to make him more threatening than he is now.

Edit, a picture of the assembled models...
...appropriately they are all milling about. Left is spear rats, right is those without. The warlord is yelling at everyone in the background. Hard to see the pack master but he is busy keeping the rat ogres in check. The weapons teams are checking out their equipment... as much as they are going to.  Over all I think it is a good start to a daring project!

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