Monday, January 28, 2013

Skaven Project: Finished!

Started on the 1st of January and finished on the 26th of January! I had planned to paint an entire army in just one month and I did it :) It is not the finest painted army but it is a complete army and comes to over 1,000 points without any magic of any kind.
I began with the Island of Blood box contents but then added a box of clanrats I got in trade. When I had started the project sometimes during the second week I got a hold of a new box of rat ogres/giant rats and decided to throw that in. At the end of the trip this is what I had mustered.

This past Saturday was club night and I got to play them through two full games; one against Lizardmen (how appropriate) and the other against Dark Elves. I have to say I'm proud of them for their first time out, they performed amazingly well for such a basic army. I will say that the beefed up units of infantry make a difference i'm sure, 20 clanrats wouldn't do as well as 30, that extra rank saved my bacon a couple times.

The MVP was definitely the warpfire thrower he did 25 casualties against the Dark Elves but was targeted and slaughtered my magic during the first turn by the Lizardmen's skink priest (so he pulled a terribly dangerous spell at least). The weapons teams are great, I love them, I thought the move or fire restriction of the warpfire thrower would limit it's use but it didn't.

Well now that I've got a solid core of troops and a couple special units led by a capable warlord and backed by a wizard of some power I need to turn my thoughts to what might be good to boost the army to 1500 points which isn't that far away I think the army is almost 1,100 right now.

Aside from the finished Skaven I'd like to thank Arabianknight and Guido for their comments. I am still a mixed bag about the situation with PP games. I did get Rorsch and Brine recently as a gift and I approached the forums of PP for advice. In general that advice was "go buy something to add to it that makes it better" which is not such a good piece of advice. That would apply to any of the war games I play. I am going to try an all Trollblood's force though as I have been told by everyone on the forum that mixing the mercs makes the force unplayable : /

EDIT: here's the army list...

  • Warlord- warpstone armor, foul pendant, poison attacks, halberd, hand weapon (165p)
  • Warlock engineer- level 2 wizard upgrade, warpmusket, warp energy condenser (135p)
  • Clanrat regiment of spears with warpfire thrower (240p)
  • Clanrat regimetn of sword and board with poison wind mortar (195.5p)
  • Ratogre pack with master moulder with shock prod (226p)
  • Giant rat pack with master moulder with things catcher (88p)
Not a huge army and for the games this weekend I ditched the giant rat pack to put me below 1,000 for play but very enjoyable!


  1. Good job! Always nice to get a usable army finished.

    1. Thanks Jon, it is nice indeed to add to the collection like this!