Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Skaven Project Inter-update

No finished figs this post. The warlord, warlock engineer, and weapons teams are almost done and they will be done tonight which means i'll probably post a picture of them tomorrow. Then the heavy works begin with painting 60 clan rats.... and I seem to be out of "Snakebite Leather"...which sucks since it's a pot from the 1990's somewhere.

Anyway, this project is going smoothly right now and I'm happy with that. I actually have to stop from taking painting steps to "level up" the work since the objective is to be finished not to painting something for a museum.

Pounding out the army list it looks like it will come in at over 900 points as is. Making the warlock engineer a level 2 wizard drains a lot, but I just don't go in for level 1 wizards usually. I am considering not making him a wizard at all and let him fight at the front lines with his augmented weapon.

My warlord (i.e. me) will be wearing warpstone armor, a foul pendant, and have a poisoned halberd. He is by not means a power house by himself, but that is fine, he is a great skaven general which means he doesn't fight by himself!

I am becoming very eager to get these guys into battle. This is by no means a comprehensive force, I know that, it has glaring weaknesses but to see some action is the only way I'll know how to strap armor on those weaknesses.

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  1. Well said. These sneaky little critters are perfect for trial and error!