Monday, January 7, 2013

Skaven Project Update 2

First unit done...
...completed (sans basing) rat ogre pack with master moulder wielding a wicked looking prod. As I am trying to fit the entire army in 31 days I am sticking with quick and basic paint work. This is how the rest of the army will look. It seemed like a good unit to test out the colors on and I think they have turned out pretty well. I use a lot of bolt gun metal as a color so i'm trying some bronze color this time instead. 

Another update should be coming soon behind this one. The weapons teams, warlock engineer, and warlord are on the paint board right now and about 33% done. The large blocks are going to be the real challenge.

Editorial add on... (1/8) I have been considering the rat ogre unit that comes in the IOB box. It is a small unit that initially I took to be primarily an advertisement ploy to get players to buy more rat ogres to add to the army. After all, you've got some already why not fill it out? But thinking more about it I don't think that is what it is. The master moulder is technically a champion, but he really has the stats of a hero and can take a small amount of magic items. So really, this is a third character in the army with two very large and dangerous body guards. It may lack the ability to join other units but if used right I think there is some great potential to bring the hurt. The shock prod negates armor saves and the master moulder is strength 4 so if a player isn't careful with what he sends at this unit I think he's going to be unpleasantly shocked.

Oh that was terrible!

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