Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Skaven Project Update 3.75 and something unrelated

So I did not get the spear regiment finished over the weekend. I nearly did though and would have last night if I didn't get distracted by Monday and Black Ops 2. I will finish them tonight though, which puts me on a pretty good schedule. Today is the 15th, I have 16 days left, and i'll have the 30 other infantry left... well... and maybe something more. I got a great deal on the rat ogre/giant rat box set and I've added them into the mix. So that is 14 more models. Not hard at all! Right?

That aside I've been perusing the Rogue Trader era 40K rules and I stumbled on this...
...I just love this old diorama. They did these shadow box style ones back in the late 80's and they are something that should be revived I think. I love the way this old Ultramarine dreadnought is just busting in on the fight. I love the old dreadnoughts, the current ones are great but these old suckers just have a feel to them that sits well in my mind.

Well, hopefully tomorrow or day after a picture of the first finished regiment will be up!

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