Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dark Angels and Ultramarines

If you have read much of this blog you know I work on several projects at the same time, little bit done on this one over here... little bit done on that one... etc. Well I've finished about five but here are just a couple and i'll drop the others in a few days. Better to make two blog posts than drowned you in a big one right?

First up I will showcase my favorites; a squad of Ultramarines scouts...
...I really painted these guys to add to the squad that is already painted. I will probably almost always split them into two combat squads but it will be nice to be able to make a ten man squad if needed. The guy in the front with the sword-knife is my sergeant now so if I do do a combat squad split i'll probably but the missile launcher in with the the guys with boltguns. There have been a few times I had wished the missile launcher could fire at a different target from the snipers.

Also joining the crusade is a Dark Angels tactical squad...

...while I don't have the Dark Angels codex I do have the regular space marine codex and I don't think any of my friends will bar me from using them in a regular space marine army. I've always liked the idea of a crusader space marine army consisting of several chapters lending units to the battle under a single commander (likely an Ultramarine commander of course!). So this is the beginning of that. The Dark Vengeance box is full of great units and I just couldn't let them sit there without some attention. :)

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