Saturday, February 16, 2013

In Soviet Russia... get the joke right?

So there is a company called Tehnolog that makes all kinds of cool toys. I got to know them from the game Robogear which looked awesomely cool but not something I got my hands on. They have apparently been busy producing more impressive lines. These are not "serious" war gaming models but I happen to like them quite a lot, I just wish they were easier to get! Well I was able to score one of their small fantasy battles box sets and this is what it looks like.

Nice packaging I think. I wish I could read it though :)
Total contents just like it comes.
The figures, each is a little over 2 inches tall.
The kit is pretty sweet I think. The figures are quite large but a nice size since it is aimed at 7 years an older. I am planning on making unit fillers out of them for my Vampire Counts army. They are pretty large, and i'll probably cut the cheesy weapons out of their hands. 

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