Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Inquisitor Agamemnon, a Renegade, and some walls.

So the Grey Knights are very done so to speak. There is almost 2,000 points just in silvery guys in power and terminator armor but Draigo was their general until now. I have always bought into the idea of the general of your army is your avatar and Draigo just isn't me (he's Draigo obviously). I got an inquisitor in trade and I decided that would be a great avatar. So my Grey Knights are under the command of an inquisitor, which is only appropriate!
Inquisitor Agamemnon ready for action.
He is from the Ordo Maleus and will be a level 1 psyker although I wish he could be a more powerful psyker. I have some Cadians and various odd figures to make a henchman unit out of but until I get a Chimera transport for them to tool around in I think i'll just have him accompany the strike squad in their razorback displacing another soldier. He will be the only non-enhanced figure on the table without power or terminator armor. 

40K aside I've added another warjack to my Mercenaries collection. A friend gave me a renegade knowing I play Magnus so this will give him two to tool around with. They aren't the horrifying beasts they once were but two should make an impression! The other is gray so I decided to go with the classic green for this one and I am surprised how well it turned out.

And lastly something that isn't going to shoot at you or hit you. The Battle for Skull Pass was a great box and I regret having ever parted with its contents. I did however keep the odds and ends in the box including these three dwarf themed obstacles.
They are each around 4" which makes them a great obstacle for the random terrain generation table. I have always had a nice set of stone walls and hedge rows but these are so nice and "Warhammery" that I think they'll get a lot of use. A quick paint job and flocking on the base has given me a nice addition to my collection. I'm going to try to paint small terrain projects one at a time until I get a nice build up of new terrain.

Of course, this doesn't count the IMPERIAL SECTOR that I've got put together. As soon as it warms up, it's on like Donkey Kong and that will be one of my one day challenges. 

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