Monday, March 25, 2013

Dark Angels Allied Force

Sorry it has been a while since last I posted but things have been a little crazy off and on. Never the less I have some models done to show off. The Dark Vengeance box set is a very nice box set and adding the Dark Angels side of it to my painted collection was something I really wanted to do. A while ago I finished the tactical squad and since then I've add the death wing terminator squad and the interrogator chaplain.
Interrogator Chaplain Seraphicus ready to kick some butt.
Squad Barachiel also ready to bring the hurt.
The entire allied strike force arrayed for battle.
This collection comes in at 500 to 600 points and is a nice force to add to the Ultramarines on special occasions  I like the allies rules quite a bit and the opportunity to mix armies with a structure that prevents is from being broken (well in theory at least) is nice. It lets me collect some other armies without have to go "all in" so to speak. I'll probably try to score an attack bike to add to the bikes from the DV box to make them more useful. Over all I nearly have a complete ally force ogranization chart, just need another troop choice and it's filled up. Since I have a lot of loose scouts that shouldn't be hard to do at all :)

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