Sunday, March 3, 2013

Scarabrogus the Filthy!, and Some Other Things.

I am just all over the place in my mind what I want to paint next. While I was making that decision, between finishing the last commission I had and setting the paint board with 42 new models (men-at-arms, choir, and chaplain) I did a quick and dirty paint job on a classic chaos dreadnought I had sitting around. Feeling that something like a dreadnought deserves a name of its own he has been given...


I decided to go with green because I'm probably going to add some plague marines to my army at one point and that seems like a good color to band them all together, obviously. I want to make my army look like a war band of many forces fighting under one leader and this guy will be ancient in contrast to the new ones out there. As it was a full kit I got, I felt that a plasma cannon and power scourge were, of course, almost mandatory!

Also, finished some more small terrain...
...the communication pylons from the Battle for Macragge box. I didn't have this box, but I did get it for my son and he eventually got rid of it bit by bit until these were all that were left. They should make nice objectives.

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