Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Hey ho!

Been a while since I've put some models up on this here blog, eh? Well that ends RIGHT NOW!
I got these Obliterators in a trade and I will admit freely if I hadn't got them in a trade I would not have likely ever added them to my collection. The previous editions metals (which these are) ran about 22 bucks each and the current finecast models go for 52 dollars and I probably would not have invested that 52 dollars in 3 models even if they come in at 210 points. But fate had its way and they have signed up with my chaos lord (what ever his name is) and that gives me two heavy support choices.
The army was obtained in trade in mostly painted form at around 1k points with a terminator lord and three ten man squads of marines accompanied by a Defiler. I've added the dreadnought you can see in an earlier post and this Obliterator squad. I've got the DV box to further increase the army and the next unit I add will probably but the chosen from that box to give my lord a nice bodyguard.

Many times these guys are fielded as 3 heavy support choices, split them across the battlefield to use their significant firepower to blow tanks sky high while crouching in hard to reach places because of their small size...

...I think that is BEARDY personally...

...these guys will be taking to field as a cohesive unit and aggressively march at the foe blazing away. This is mostly because that is basically how I play most war games, I'm less of a strategist and more of a Viking.

On another front Dark Souls continues to intrigue me and draw my video game time to it. Right beside it on the shelf is Bioshock: Infinite and I am a good way into it but I am more interested in getting beaten down by large monsters or lucky strikes from hordes of undead. I chose the Cleric for my class and I am not so much struggling as over whelmed with healing abilities and lacking any strong range combat ability. I've put my foot into the Darkroot areas, I've rung the first bell, I've been killed in New Londo, and I'm working on getting my mace up to divine level so I can beat down the catacombs.

Havel though, oh man Havel.


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