Saturday, April 20, 2013

Reaper Bones Kickstarter Miniatures Case Review

That is a long title for a review, but I felt it was only appropriate to include the "Reaper Bones Kickstarter" bit as that is where it came from. I got my kickstarter reward about a week ago and honestly I was more excited to get the miniatures case than the miniatures themselves. I bought into the kickstarter because frankly if you had a hundred extra dollars, like fantasy (and scifi) miniatures, and didn't  you were a little nuts. It basically broke down to less than 50 cents a figure if I remember right and those prices really don't exist anymore.

So this is a review of the case, not the miniatures, because really they are all Reaper miniatures and I need to paint a couple before I could comment on the Bones... thing.
Basic picture of the case, this is the "top" as the bottom protrudes instead of indents. The case it locked by two sliding latches that can have a lock inserted to secure your figures from being stolen out of the case.
Opened for your inspection. Every time I have opened the case the top tray is in the lid like this, i'm not sure that would continue should it be filled with figures. If it would I can't help but feel that would be a little annoying as you would have to fidget with it every time to prevent those from falling out. 
There are three trays each has fifty spots for a figure. The trays are perforated in the middle and can be easily torn in half to make two smaller trays. I believe this would facilitate using half the case for a larger model or several large models.
Tape measure for size, each space is a little over an inch wide...
...and about an inch and a half tall...
...and the case is about 4 inches wide. 
Those stats aren't the best in the world unfortunately. It means a few things first being that the figure spaces are kind of small. Secondly that the case itself is kind of small and lacks any top cover padding so the top most tray will be bouncing off the plastic case. This isn't terrible, but it isn't best practice either.
Here the case is between a GW case on the left and a pistol case I bought from Walmart on the right. The GW case has spaces for only 96 figures. The pistol case has three layers of foam, two of which are egg shell style facing each other then a layer on the bottom that is designed to pull out pieces to better fit accessories. I have my entire Grey Knights army in the case which includes a Nemesis Dreadknight, a Razorback, 16 terminators, 6 power armored knights, and my inquisitor.
Here is an overlay comparison of the GW foam tray and the Reaper foam tray. You can see that a standard space marine fits into the tray just fine but an imperial guardsman with the communications backpack would facilitate some cutting but fits the GW tray okay so long as you put it away careful. 
Over all I think the case is "okay" so long as it's price is affordable when it comes out. The GW case is $57.75 and a nice case I think although that should be taken with a grain of salt as I'm not fond of the battle foam style cases. Using the pledge manager I swapped out Sofie for the case which was a 25 dollar swap and if this case really stays at 25 bucks I think it will be a solid case for war gamers and rpg players to invest in. 

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