Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Plague

Okay, so, I haven't posted in a bit because the week leading up to Easter my entire family got the flu which then evolved into bronchitis and we are pretty much just now recovering. I've just started to pick back up the paint brush and actually finished a unit of Obliterators last night that i'll post as soon as I can. That aside I'd like to throw this out there...
...this game came onto my radar when someplace on the internet I saw a comment from someone that was, "Dark Souls is the Castlevania of our age." This was an immediate prompt to look into finding a copy which I did relatively easily. Castlevania is arguably the best game series ever made and specifically SotN is so absurdly good I would smack someone who didn't agree it was a game worth the ages.
 That being said Dark Souls definitely has the right feel. There is this over all sense of pursuing a goal (so far as I understand it at this point I need to find two bells and ring them) but the world already exists and the player is kind of an invader. This game really reminds me of playing solo in an old school D&D module where there are things to discover and great monsters to defeat while rewarding caution and ingenuity.

It is really really hard though : /

...and daggone I wish there was a way to sell off excess inventory.


  1. I have a copy of Dark Souls in my pile of games to play. I've heard dread tales of how hard it is, but I'm kind of interested to see what people classify as hard these days. Soon...

    1. It is hard, there is no doubting. You will die a lot and become frustrated but if you stick with it (buy a bow, shoot the dragon's tail till you get the drake sword) it gets very rewarding. One thing that makes it playable is that mini bosses and bosses do not re-spawn when you rest at a bonfire. So once you kill a tough enemy you don't have to do it again.