Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Orks with Guns

So it's been a while since I've posted some models. Mostly because I am having trouble getting to take pictures but today I have a picture I took a while ago to post here and just remembered I had it. I have a nice sized (over 1,500 points) Ork army that kinda sprang full into being from trades when I first got back into 40k. I like Orks simply because of all their awesome story and the models have a certain zeal about them that stick in your crawl.
This is my first unit for that army, a test unit you might say. Originally I was going to go with Goff Orks but my friend is going with Goff Orks so I decided to kinda go my own way. Yellow is a color I am fond of and with the Orks it by no means has to be clean and perfect. This is a small unit to start and I think they turned out just fine, but I don't know what to call the tribe yet.

On the Dark Souls front my level 51 cleric is currently stuck in the Tomb of Giants and boy does it make me want to strangle someone.
I worked my way down to the bottom of this place WITHOUT the skull lantern or any other light source. I did this because I was told there was a skull lantern at the bottom which was great and I found it. Then I went deeper and found the fog gate that is sealed by a "Great Lord" and now I have to climb back out of this place! Oh my goodness it sucks because it's filled with giant skeletons (go figure) and they are exceedingly hard to fight when you can't use your shield and can't see in the dark when you do : /

Displeased with that on so many levels.

Hopefully tonight/today I can get a picture of my finished choir up. They came out exceedingly well and i'm excited to share them with you. Hopefully this weekend I can get a game in, or even better do a battle report with all sorts of pretty pictures!


  1. Great looking Orcs. I love the old school look of these.

    1. Thanks my man. They were a little tricky to paint as I've not had the opportunity to paint orks before but I think I got it down now.