Wednesday, May 1, 2013

...Steven was more than I could handle...

...a dozen plus fights later that dragon is still clinging to the tower wall and lost about 8k souls trying to beat him. I tried several variants in armor and weapons and several different tactics but none of them were effective. My best assault was with my +5 divine mace (two handed) and my full suit of chain mail (+8 body armor even) with my steel helm. That time I did a little over 600 hit points to him which is a solid 25% of his life but he is still too strong for me. His attacks seemed really erratic and I couldn't get predict him at all.

Out of frustration I left and went else where and discovered Sif which proceeded to kill me. I got into the forest hunters covenant and put on their ring...that was also a let down. All the enemies I was summoned to vanquish were high level PVP players and I just got beat over and over again. I thought I'd be fighting NPC challengers not players who have tooled up for PVP and are invading just to get those fights. Also Mr. ZenCvalera it cannot be thought of anything more than poor sportsmanship to send someone an xbox message calling them pathetic. You are what gives online gaming a poor name.

Things got better...
...and this came in the form of beating the crap out of some giant cats...
...easily some of the most strange looking creatures in this game (I know some people are gonna disagree) I think its the hair that puts me off. Something between bed head and porcupine and it just made me all crawly. I had encountered it (them) earlier and almost had it killed when its two buddies jumped me from behind. Ah the Dark Souls learning curve. Anyway I came back prepared and killed them all. I love killing the mini bosses they give you a boost of much needed confidence.

With that confidence I went for some blood... I brought a heaping bucket of defeat to Chaos Witch Queelaag. I had been down to the bottom of blight town before (oh gosh how I hated that place) and saw Queelaag's lair from afar but I didn't feel up to the challenge so I went back up to fight other the dragon and so forth. After meeting defeat at the hands of the dragon and Sif and anything else big I ran into I decided to go back and beat on her for a while.

Well it turns out I was over prepared (in context to Dark Souls) and beat her my first try...alone...which I think is pretty good. I burned through 7 estus flasks and the fight probably took 5 minutes but it was a solid victory and really boosted my good mood :)

I don't know if I'll get to play tonight. But I do need to get some pictures up here rather than rant about this promises though. The allure is strong.

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