Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Dead are Restless (or, I painted a Reaper Bones)

So I dug into the 200 plus Bones I got to paint one and give them a try. This broke my plans but I felt after receiving them I should give one a go. This is the results...
Front, obviously.
Back, again, obviously.
If you do a little research this is Arrius the Black, Skeletal Champion from the Reaper website. Looking at the primed white metal they have on their site and comparing it to what I had with the Bones figure I can honestly say that some detail was lost. No specific "items" but the sharpness of things like the necklace were definitely lost a little. That said, in general I think it was an excellent figure and painted up quite well and easily. I completed it in a single day while working on other stuff. It is by no means a complex paint job, very much a serviceable one, but that won't stop it from killing my opponents in Warhammer as a Wight King ;) I should say that I tried to paint it from white first by washing it with black and the wash did not take. I don't know if there was film on the figure or what but I had to wash it with soap and water and then I just brush primed it black.

As for the cleric? Still in the Tomb of Giants : /

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