Thursday, June 20, 2013

Back with Lots to Say...

Okay, so, Origins is over again for another year which is both a shame and good as I always work my butt off at this thing. I got to play a lot more games this time though which I have to attribute to my sons. Being young teens they had more energy than me and would find events to play in and drag me to them which was nice. I can honestly say this was the best convention I have been to in a few years. No games jumped out at me although there was all kinds of excellent exhibitors and even Games Workshop put up a booth this time.

Speaking of Games Workshop there is a lot of internet huzzah over the Iyanden book that is released. Maybe it is because of my long history with role playing games, but, I just think the criticism of the Iyanden book released by Games Workshop is just...well...whiny.

I understand that the core book for 40k is 75 dollars, and the Eldar codex is 50 and then the Iyanden book is 50 for a grand total of 175 dollars before miniatures...but this is normal of a hobby from what I can see.If you play Pathfinder you're going to spend 145 dollars on a core book, a game masters book, a bestiary, and a game master's screen before miniatures. Sure that is 30 bucks different and there is a lot more raw pages in the PF books but i'm pretty sure this is just product for product here.

All of that aside, I am really excited to have a new game in my library. XBLA just released Chronicles of Mystara which is a combination of Tower of Doom and Shadows Over Mystara which were two most excellent arcade games I never really got to play enough. Now that I have them on my Xbox Dark Souls has some competition for my limited video game time!

Some ubiquitous screen shots...

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