Sunday, June 9, 2013

I'm Off!

Not that way! Okay, maybe a little bit.

Either way on Tuesday me and the guyzos are off to Origins game fair to help out as volunteers and hopefully get some great games in. I will be taking the camera but will not try to blog from there. I'm taking no electronics beyond a Kindle: Fire and cell phone so don't expect to hear from me. If you happen to be attending Origins just ask for me at the security kiosk in the exhibit hall :)

As an aside my Cleric has finally found his way out of the Tomb of Giants. It took a few tries running like a coward but I got out. After that things have opened up for me a bit. I went on to defeat Sif which was both a little sad and a lot exciting. Now i'm trying to locate the bonfire in Sen's Fortress, which I've pretty much conquered, so I can take multiple tries at the Golem there without running a blue mile to get to him. That will have to wait until after the Origins trip though :)

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