Monday, June 24, 2013

Mr. Bones

So finally here are some models to peer at. I can't really say what influences my decisions on what to paint but sometimes it just seems easier to paint some things over others. After playing a game of whfb with my friend pitting my vampire counts against his empire it was so good we decided to make it into a rough campaign. In that game I fielded Mr. Bones from the Reaper Kickstarter as a master necromancer to lead my army. The miniature was just filled with charisma and in no time at all I decided to get him painted up and some other undead to go with him.
In my mind this dude is a completely inept necromancer who is trying to raise a great army of the dead to overwhelm a province of the empire and carve out his own kingdom. He's not dead like most necromancers and carries as shovel because he has no greater magic implement to assist him. His skull mask isn't even a real skull, it's paper mache. Never the less he is a master necromancer and through raw will and persistence he is a valid threat.

Among his recent successes are these...
...hex wraiths were a hard choice for me. I had a box and it could be these or black knights and both are pretty sweet I think. Ultimately the in-corporeality of the wraiths fit my other wraiths and my ghosts, plus I have some old Bretonnian knights I want to try to convert over.

Also Mr. Bones got lucky with this guy...
...the Great Crane from Confrontation fame this is one awesome piece. He is very large on a 40mm square base and to use him as a wight king will require permission from my opponent i'm sure. He is just such a hoss looking piece though I can't imagine not using him!

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