Thursday, June 27, 2013

Shrine to Sigmar Terrain

Okay, so, a while ago I painted some Ultramarines for a man and in return he gave me some very generous gifts, this is one of them. Officially billed as Chapel by GW mine instead will fill the roll of "Shrine to Signmar". This is a fantastic kit for anyone who's never seen one on the sprue; all kinds of options and ways to change it's over all look. the statues on the sides are not molded on giving the potential to make it less gaudy than mine is and there is even more bits if I wanted to make it even more gaudy! I opted to leave off the chimney and go for a hole in the roof to age it a bit.
The front door has a nice gold hammer making it clear who's shrine this is to.

The lightning rods on the corners and the large moon shaped rod is  so quirky which is part of what I love about the warhammer scenery, just makes you wonder why they need to catch lightning so badly.

In the GW example all of those symbols are gold but I decided that mine would be just stone work with a single symbol on each facing replaced with gold. I just couldn't see them holding out in the wilds with all the bandits and monsters.

While photographing this fine structure a giant appeared and attempted to eat it. Worry not though, I fought him off successfully and the shrine is safe! HUZZAH!
This is the first of three kits I have that are specifically warhammer fantasy battle kits. I've also got a Garden of Morr and Fortified Manor House. The house is still in the box, it is intimidating since it is actually three kits (Chapel, Watchtower, and the now gone walls and fences kit) with a special little kit to connect the two structures if you want. I'm not sure if I should make it a manor house or two buildings. Any thoughts from the community?

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