Monday, July 1, 2013

Pew Pew Pew! (Storm Talon Shooting Sound Effects)

So, when I saw the Stormtalon I realized it was something I had to add to my Ultramarines. This thing is the epitome of "gunship" in the 40K flavor and I got one in trade (already assembled but we take what we get right?) and added it to my que to paint up. My Ultramarines painting technique isn't terribly complex and I went with minimal decals on the ship.
The light kind of streamed in the pictures which seemed pretty cool, kind looks like it's zooming!

If I had built it I probably would have gone with missiles over lascannons but this armament is pretty solid. Good  multipurpose armament so it can go tank hunting or infantry support.

The fast attack symbol on the wing took me a while to hand paint and isn't that great but it gives just a  touch of individuality to my Ultramarine Stormtalon since, well they are all gonna be blue lol!
The canopy was already glued in place but I would have done the same. I like to be able to see pilots for display models but for play purposes it is just better imho to have the canopy screened. 
I need to do some work on the base, it came that way which is sufficient to the needs of the model but would greatly benefit from a little terrain or ruins I'm just not sure which yet. Either way i'm looking forward to putting this baby into the fight and seeing how well flyers perform on the table. Maybe I can actually get a batrep done with it?!?

Yeah, i'm skeptical too.

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