Monday, July 15, 2013

So Now Dark Angels

My army building habits are at best eclectic. Most of the time I select what armies to build mostly based off what I end up with. It isn't uncommon to find myself in possession of most of an army, or an entire army, and I just kinda shrug and realize that is now an army and I need to take care of it. Cultivate it. Hug it. Paint it. Then put it on the table and hold in the tears as it gets shot/chopped up. With the exception of my Ultramarines and Lizardmen I can honestly say most just kind of happen. I will say my Skaven have been intentionally cultivated after I started with half and IoB box, but that cultivation has been mostly happenstance except for a Doom Wheel that I targeted getting...which I should have pictures up for soon.

So all my blather aside, these guys:
These started as an allied force because I wanted the new DV box. The chaos side was going to be added (and still will be) to my csm. But now I have found myself in possession of a second DV box and it just seemed silly not to consider a Dark Angels force force lol! So basically I have 3 HQ's (company master, interrogator-chaplain, and librarian), two good troop choices in a pair of tactical squads, two Deathwing terminator squads, and a fair Ravenwing squadron with six bikes.

I've already modified the extra bike veteran sergeant into as close as possible to a normal biker (got a helmet head on it and reduced to one wing on the back) and I've also put a helmet on the other tactical squad veteran sergeant. With two HQs (probably going with chaplain and librarian), two tacticals, two Deathwing, and a Ravenwing i'm coming in at a little over 1,300 points. I think I'll focus on getting these painted before deciding what to add to it to bring it to 1,500.

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