Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ask Not for Whom the Wheel Tolls!

EDIT (8/10/13): I neglected to make a statement here. It should be noted that this fine vehicle of mutual destruction is not actually titled to me. While I own the model in regards to repairs and maintenance and use in war I am not the legal owner of this model. My sweet gracious wife, in a spirit of conquest, when shown the model immediately lay claim to it much like the Empress she is. It is now hers :)

That is all...

It tolls for whomever is on the other side of the table from it...generally...after all this is Skaven "technology" and it isn't all that reliable is it?

Behold my loyal viewers!

In this picture you can see apprentice engineer Squkit pumping the bellows furiously on the open platform at the rear.
This view shows warlock engineer Haxxor piloting his doom wheel.
This is actually the third doom wheel model I've painted having done the first two for a friend. This one is all mine though and I look forward to seeing it trundle and bounce across the battle field smashing into my enemies! I can see why Skaven players get into their armies so much, there is just so much wonderful destruction to be brought about.

A while ago I got a bundle of Skaven in trade so I plan to add to the army a little at a time. Next I'll probably paint up a unit of plague monks with a plague priest I have although I am tempted to go storm vermin, or add the couple more rat ogres I have as well as swell my giant rat swarm to huge numbers (like 20!).

Also I want to paint some Ultramarines, and some Dark Angels! It is too much!

Anyway, astute observers will see there is a corpse cart in the background underway. I am trying to get it finished with just a rough table top paint job so it doesn't sit around half finished anymore. I'm hoping to put two into my next game with Greg just for the cool effect!

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