Monday, August 5, 2013

Auspicious Indeed!

Okay, so, Games Workshop is doing this thing where when new releases come out they have nice tidy "one-click bundles" where you can buy the entire release all at once. Also they have other bundles that provide sets or whole armies. They are cool to look at but not a deal, they don't discount you any for buying a large bundle. With the release of Apocalypse they have formations you can buy and some of these are quite costly. I don't really consider these viable purchasing options for the most part. Sure the release bundle yeah, I mean if you are really into an army and they have a new release and you want all in the release and have the money why not? Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

But, that in mind... this...
...the "Auspicious Phalanx"... Woooooow! Now that is how one assembles a one-click bundle. This is got to be someplace around 4,000 points (sans upgrades). More than you would normally play and really just a massive project even if you were both rich enough and crazy enough to drop sixteen hundred bucks on it. My personal (ahem and classic) Lizardmen collection covers about 25% of this and it is plenty to play with. I never field all of it and I can field 3,000 point armies when you figure in magic items and such forth. But to be honest it is one of the coolest advertisements I have seen in a while. Someone at GW realized that while probably only 1 or 2 will buy this collection everyone is going to look at it and it is going to put the idea in their head of how cool their army will look if it was larger or has some seriously fat units in it.

I remember reading an old White Dwarf article about having large units that even then I thought was pretty cool and at the same time too costly for me. Now at the time I had both far less financial capability and personal ability to enact a unit of 50 models but today I could do that without much hassel, honestly my Lizardmen have their 40 model horde, my Vampire Counts have two of them, I'm working through a 35 men-at-arms unit for the Bretonnians. The general idea of a nice thick unit of infantry to hold the center is pretty easy to consider.

But this guy? 330 models is more than a collection it is the Lizardman section of a local hobby shop!

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