Friday, August 23, 2013

Bring Out Your Dead...Again!

So a long time ago, and by long time ago I mean years ago, I purchased two corpse carts off Ebay for a song and they were effectively NIB. I set about assembling them and then painted one. I completely assembled them first which I knew would make them harder to paint but I had no idea how much harder; kind of a dumb choice. Anyway I painted one completely with the launch of my Vampire Counts army. The second one (this one) got about 30% painted then pushed off the board for other projects that didn't make me want to kill people for real.
So the second cart actually found its way into storage only half painted and I resolutely pulled it out and placed it on the paint board. I've made a monolithic effort to clear the board of partial projects and I'm making considerable progress. This cart is painted similar but differently than the other which will do good to set it apart.
Top down view just looked kinda cool. All those partial zombies reaching up.
 I usually paint zombies or other undead in pale skin colors but both my corpse carts have fleshy zombies in the carts. In my thoughts the bodies in the cart are more recently slain and not worth putting into the field as troops because they are missing too much to be effecting, but can do well to draw upon dark powers so they go in the cart.
The Corpsemaster on both of them are whipping the zombies pulling it just because I find that to be common sense for something so absurd. I accidentally went the RvB route with them although a very dirty RvB and I purposefully assembled them with different upgrades. I think the lodestone/balefire combo will be fun to play with and just having two carts on the battlefield at the same time should look suitably epic.

Speaking again of the paint board sitting on it right now is my first finished Republic Romans unit. I will be posting them in the next few days. Also the board is going to be cleared of a unit of 35 Bretonnian men-at-arms, a group of servitors, and a piece of terrain from the old BFSP box. After those though, after those, I think i'm going to jump into a full on Roman army project. I am looking to build it to meet Neil Thomas rules so it will be 8 units and I think it might be sweet to get that done nicely.

But we'll see...


  1. Looking great, very nice work!

    1. From someone with so many nicely done miniatures I take that compliment with great pride. :) Thank you very much Phil!