Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ender's Game (spoilers maybe)

So a while ago my wife bought Ender's Game for my sons to read. One read it, then she read it, then she said I had to read it. I've been on a kick lately that can only be summed up as "reading science fiction books that I haven't read but are reported to be very important to the genre".

So Ender's Game seemed to fit the widget in this case.

I knew of Ender's Game for a long time, since childhood and I know some when I started reading it and put it down. I am pretty sure I didn't read that far into it during that event. I read through it pretty quickly for me, under two weeks, and I enjoyed it pretty much all the way through. While written in the 80's it definitely had that old school 60's/70's scifi feel to it for me.

I can't really review the book. It was a good read, go read it if you like scifi and don't read it if you don't, but I can say I don't like the idea of sequels to the book. That sounds crazy doesn't it as there are in fact sequels to the book and off shoots too if I remember my wikireadia correctly but it just seemed Ender had been through enough by the end of the book.

If I had to pick an indicator of a good body of writing I would certainly classify the fact that Card was able to make me care enough about the fictional character Andrew Wiggin that when I learned there were sequels that it annoyed me that he didn't get to rest. I know that he is only 12 at end of the book but considering that in about six years he burns through what appears to be sixty and then commits a very VERY (did I say very?) complete form of genocide almost by accident it just didn't seem fair for Card to put him through any other tragedy.

Let the poor boy rest.

As for the movie on its way out, well, it is not going to impress me. Ben Kingsley will sure and the special effects will be great but there is no way they are going to evoke what the text did. Movies are never as good as the book with me...well almost never (Fight Club was an exception)...but they can be just fine.

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