Monday, August 19, 2013

Grenadier Classics

So these are the last of the many figures my friend Adrian gave me to paint for him. Three boxes later I am finally done. He got into a spree of ordering old miniatures from ebay and he doesn't paint so he traded me a box full of Reaper paints to paint them. It's been a process as I don't tend to stick to any one project for too long. My Skaven I did earlier this year was the most focus I've ever had.

These came from the Grenadier Fighting Men small box, number 2005 in this link. Needless to say as you look at these pictures this was not a correctly stocked box ;)
First up we see a wizard with a sword and shield and what I take to be either two thieves or two "adventurers" these old figures often have so little detail but the back of the guy on the right was festooned with exploration gear. I gotta ask, why does the wizard have a sword and shield?
A good array of fighters and all from the original box. These old Grenadiers are not the best quality but their elan is so great I just love them. An entire army composed of such figures would be fantastic!
Again, obviously not from the original box but I guess you could classify them as fighters since they are all armed with weapons and ready to fight. The middle is a classic bug bear and I am pretty sure the others are goblins. I thought it would be a good idea to give them a bit of uniform coloration. I love the bug bear's shield, very Cthulhu.
...and finally we have two figures that are not old 1980 Grenadiers. I am not sure who the manufacturer is but the fighting in full plate on the right with the sweet feather in his metal hat!

I like painting what I consider "adventuring figures" as it lets me break away from uniformity for a bit. I still try to theme their colors though, just habit probably.

Coming soon is a corpse cart and some Romans :) I am wanting to focus on some historical figures, lets see if I can do it!

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