Thursday, August 29, 2013

Improvised Weapons in Syria

In Syria civil war is going on as anyone with an eye and a news page knows. I'm not sure I understand all of the aspects of this war but I know determination when I see it. These pictures depict the improvised weapons of the Free Men of Syria Army and you can say what you want but as far as "improvised" goes...this is some determine and professional looking improvisation.
This is an improvised rocket launcher and you have to commend the work that was done here to establish this piece of equipment. Agreed it is not up to modern military standards but you are going to see some effective use from this weapon I would bet.
This lathe operator is putting serious work into his armaments. These photos really spoke to me. Right or wrong the men in these photographs are putting determined effort into producing effective and professional arms. They are an army, not a rag tag group using stolen weapons.

This blog doesn't really hit on anything serious for good reason. It is a blog about hobby, scifi, and fantasy but ultimately I can't always be blind on here. There is a serious global event taking place and it needed noted by me.

This link will also help you understand the Syrian civil war as it helped me. If you are even vaguely interested I encourage you to read it.

One day we might be playing war games of this event.


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